Fast. Experienced. Proven.

Mike Kelleher, with his specialty leasing platform, has proven to be an exceptional partner in finding revenue generating possibilities in creative, fast, and effective ways across the commercial real estate spectrum.
— Joe Kunigonis. Co-Founder & President of Corner Media.
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Rev Up is the brainchild of Mike Kelleher, who in ten years at Federal Realty Investment Trust revolutionized the model for revenue growth partnerships. His program brings ideas to market faster than ever before using flexibility on rate, a streamlined contract process and collaborative thinking. Kelleher’s focus on both enhancing the partner’s brand as well as that of the property to ultimately create excitement for visitors, drive business to tenants and help brands tell their story in a compelling way helped grow the specialty leasing program by more than 27% year over year. Now, Mike is bringing his platform to you with Rev Up!

We bring great brands to the table.